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The Last Of Us Fix 3.55 BCES01584 (Updated 2022)




to 3.56 (hope that doesn't sound too much like "li'l ol' me"...) 3.56 changed the map, I think. The level from when I last played it. Oh and one thing on 3.56. I got a better feel for the weapons now. You're probably not going to have too much trouble now playing with a speedloader now that you can put in more hits. I did try it out. But the SAW kind of rocks with it too. One thing that always gets me is how hard it is to get on my screen in some of these games. The caps lock key, the space bar, all the keys under those are just like in action games. They're constantly in use. And the other ones are all stuck on one side of the keyboard or the other. It's kind of like playing with one of the common computer games that don't allow you to have real joysticks. So the news today is, it's very possible the 15 year anniversary I just told you about will be celebrated. _________________ MorbidBlood wrote: So the winner is Destruction and Infernal Overlord Xecutor with a total fan vote score of 17,908,161. huh? you don't actually have to fast travel to your items. Just click the "use" button. If you know you have to travel a long way, then get the fast-travel and save yourself a few clicks and a keybind. In the new patch it seems that some of the melee weapons need more speed to be used. I have a Bushwacker and its not as fast as it should be. There's a "speed up the weapon" option in the options menu. Not sure if it is 100% fixed, but it is in the last couple patches.




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The Last Of Us Fix 3.55 BCES01584 (Updated 2022)

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