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Original Ideas Since 2010

*CAMiiC pronounced Ka'mees


The World of CAMiiC 
Built on innovative ideas, CAMiiC is a combination of modern designs and retro styling fused into the "Art of Fashion" 
Men's Thobes / Kurta 
Progressive fashion sense with break thru technological ideas makes our thobes comfortable , wearable and innovative. 
Assassin Thobe Collection 
A World 1st design by Wasi P for CAMiiC. The ideal cut combined with a modern clean look makes this our premium selling design.
Zamzam Gift Bottle 
Another World 1st designed by Wasi P for CAMiiC. A gift worth a thousand words. Every hand made glass bottle goes thru a unique process to give it its Translucent Titanium finish with gold and black print, and presented in a exclusive gift case.
PRAY Collection 
We aspire to break the norms of design, Alhamdulilla with the mercy of the Al-Mighty we have taken a step into the future with our range of ART Inspired Prayer Mats.  Another World First design by Wasi P for CAMiiC. A "Peace of Art"
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